8 Reasons to go Natural With Your Skin Care Routine and How to Make the Transition Easier

Using plant-based, eco and all natural skin care products is a familiar concept. We are all quickly catching on to the benefits of using products that contain quality ingredients.

Despite knowing this, it can still be hard to break old habits and make the transition from a long-time favorite moisturizer or face wash over to a new product.

To provide some inspiration and help you continue moving towards going all natural with your skin care routine, here are 8 reasons why natural products are the way to go and a few additional tips on how you can make the transition easy. 


1. Your skin absorbs what you apply on it – Your skin is your body’s largest organ, acting as a barrier of protection from the outside world. You not only consume what you put in, but also what you put on our body, and it can impact your overall wellbeing.

2. No more red, inflamed skin – Truly natural products should not cause a painful reaction. That is, so long as you are not allergic to one of the ingredients (always read labels). Natural products that are formulated with care will nourishing the skin and make it glow.

3. Clarity – Natural skin care products don’t contain ingredients that someone created synthetically in a lab. This means that you won’t read an ingredient label and find something there that even Google can’t easily explain to you. On top of that, it is important to note that the FDA has not updated it’s ingredient guidelines in the cosmetic industry since 1938. Meaning the cosmetic industry is basically left to regulate itself. Using natural products makes it easier for you to ensure that what you are using is in fact safe.

4. Show your love for Mother Earth – Cleansers and other self care products often end up going down the drain and have the potential to make their way back into the ground and water supply. There have been problems with this over the years, including a recent issue with plastic beads used in exfoliants being washed into the water. Natural products won’t harm you and they won’t harm the environment.

5. Over time you will save money – Quality natural skin care products don’t contain fillers, just pure oils and botanical extracts. This makes them more potent and effective. You will likely use less, making them last longer. Due to their effectiveness, you also likely won’t feel the need to buy an array of similar products in search of something that works.

6. Support animal welfare – Unlike most of the mainstream skin care brands, natural skin care brands are much more likely to support animal welfare. Those that support animal welfare usually mark their products as being cruelty-free, meaning they never test on animals.

7. Health benefits – Besides glowing skin, ingredients found in many natural skin care products provide other health benefits as well. Stress relief, boost in mood and higher energy are just a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed  from the aromatherapeutic properties of botanical extracts and essential oils.

8. There are so many options available – There are an array of natural skin care brands out there to choose from. Between small local shops like Harvest Moon Flora that are popping up, to international companies, there are amazing products to be found all over the place. This means you can most definitely find something that works perfectly for your skin, lifestyle and preferences.

Now… A few suggestions to help you make the complete transition.


Go for one thing at a time – It isn’t always practical or financially feasible to go out and buy an entire set of new self care products at once. Wait until something runs out and then replace it with a natural product at the time. If you do want to go for something right away, start with the most impactful products first. Moisturizers and serums make the biggest difference so start there and then add on a cleanser and more later.

Check ingredients – Cosmetic marketing can be misleading. The truth is always in the ingredients. You might see words like “natural” or “plant-based” and it could mean what you think it does or just be convenient marketing jargon. Ingredients are required to be listed by their scientific name, making them more easily identifiable, so just because you don’t recognize the word doesn’t necessarily mean it is something to shy away from. It is worthwhile to do some homework here. Check out ingredient lists online or look them up with your smart phone while at the store.

Don’t be afraid to quit – If something causes your skin to flare up or hurts, just stop using it. It could be you are allergic to one of the natural ingredients. Most small scale makers would be happy to take it back and let you try something else, or even help you figure out which ingredient is just not right for you. Bottom line though, nothing should hurt or cause a negative reaction. Good products that are right for your will make your skin look and feel amazing when used properly.

Ask questions – Natural skin care makers both large and small are usually more than happy to answer your questions. Many provide answers in blog posts or on their website, so be sure to check there as well. We all want you to look and feel amazing. So don’t be afraid to send an email if you can’t find what you are looking for.




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