Growing up, I watched my grandmother nurture her garden and her rose beds in the warmer months. She made elixirs and tonics for the skin and body, always emphasizing to me the power and importance of going to nature for self care. This love for the natural world became stronger while I was living on the Oregon Coast. There, I found a sense of self and a deep connection to the world around me while spending time outdoors.

This interest led to taking a break from college in 2011 to get my certification in esthetics from the Aveda Institute in Portland. I wasn’t sure exactly how I would use this education, because finishing my college degree was still a top priority. I just knew that it fascinated me and I wanted to learn more.

Now that I have the time and space, I have decided to share my passion and knowledge through my business, Harvest Moon Flora.

My family has lived and farmed in Weber County, Utah since the 1850s. Through running Harvest Moon, I will be going back to my family’s agrarian roots in the area, working the same land they worked. 

This year, I have officially embarked on my first year flower farming, which I am looking forward to as an experimental year. My intention is to provide local, sustainably grown cut flowers, and all natural, small batch floral tonics made with the best ingredients available.  

My hope is that my flowers and tonics can enliven and bring joy to others like they have for me.

When I’m not creating beautiful skin care products….

I’m a writer. Not self proclaimed, it’s what I actually do. Harvest Moon is my side gig and passion project. My bread and butter is writing for  Zillow Group and a variety of small businesses. I will also be starting an MFA program at Oregon State in September. Busy busy busy, but I LOVE it all.

I grew up in Utah, but Oregon is my chosen home. I’m currently back and forth between the two.

I try to get out and explore as much as possible, if not on my own, then often with my husband, Michael, and our dog, Phil Collins at my side. Occasionally we even bring along our cat, Stevie Nicks. Nature plays a significant role in my life. It is a source of calm and connection in a world that often feels chaotic. Recently, I have become more vocal and take any opportunity I can to advocate for the preservation of open spaces and small scale agricultural practices.

When I’m not writing or out wandering in the woods, I can typically be found curled up with a book, binging on podcasts or online news feeds, attempting to be a yogi, or trying to reconnect with my Scandinavian roots through the art of baking.

Feel free to contact me with questions or collaboration inquiries. I would love to chat. 


Personal Instagram: @lindymcallahan